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A# .NET A# (Axiom) A-0 System A+ A++ ABAP ABC ABC ALGOL ABLE ABSET ABSYS ACC Accent Ace DASL ACL2 ACT-III Action! ActionScript Ada Adenine Agda Agilent VEE Agora AIMMS Alef ALF ALGOL 58 ALGOL 60 ALGOL 68 ALGOL W Alice Alma-0 AmbientTalk Amiga E AMOS AMPL APL App Inventor for Android's visual block language AppleScript Arc ARexx Argus AspectJ Assembly language ATS Ateji PX AutoHotkey Autocoder AutoIt AutoLISP / Visual LISP Averest AWK Axum Babbage Bash BASIC bc BCPL BeanShell Batch (Windows/Dos) Bertrand BETA Bigwig Bistro BitC BLISS Blue Bon Boo Boomerang Bourne shell (including bash and ksh) BREW BPEL C-- C++ - ISO/IEC 14882 C# - ISO/IEC 23270 C/AL Caché ObjectScript C Shell Caml Candle Cayenne CDuce Cecil Cel Cesil Ceylon CFEngine CFML Cg Ch Chapel CHAIN Charity Charm Chef CHILL CHIP-8 chomski ChucK CICS Cilk CL (IBM) Claire Clarion Clean Clipper CLIST Clojure CLU CMS-2 COBOL - ISO/IEC 1989 Cobra CODE CoffeeScript Cola ColdC ColdFusion COMAL Combined Programming Language (CPL) COMIT Common Intermediate Language (CIL) Common Lisp (also known as CL) COMPASS Component Pascal Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) Converge Cool Coq Coral 66 Corn CorVision COWSEL CPL csh CSP Csound CUDA Curl Curry Cyclone Cython DASL (Datapoint's Advanced Systems Language) DASL (Distributed Application Specification Language) Dart DataFlex Datalog DATATRIEVE dBase dc DCL Deesel (formerly G) Delphi DinkC DIBOL Dog Draco DRAKON Dylan DYNAMO E# Ease Easy PL/I Easy Programming Language EASYTRIEVE PLUS ECMAScript Edinburgh IMP EGL Eiffel ELAN Elixir Elm Emacs Lisp Emerald Epigram EPL Erlang es Escapade Escher ESPOL Esterel Etoys Euclid Euler Euphoria EusLisp Robot Programming Language CMS EXEC EXEC 2 Executable UML F# Factor Falcon Fancy Fantom FAUST Felix Ferite FFP Fjölnir FL Flavors Flex FLOW-MATIC FOCAL FOCUS FOIL FORMAC @Formula Forth Fortran - ISO/IEC 1539 Fortress FoxBase FoxPro FP FPr Franz Lisp Frege F-Script FSProg Google Apps Script Game Maker Language GameMonkey Script GAMS GAP G-code Genie GDL Gibiane GJ GEORGE GLSL GNU E GM Go Go! GOAL Gödel Godiva GOM (Good Old Mad) Goo Gosu GOTRAN GPSS GraphTalk GRASS Groovy Hack (programming language) HAL/S Hamilton C shell Harbour Hartmann pipelines Haskell Haxe High Level Assembly HLSL Hop Hope Hugo Hume HyperTalk IBM Basic assembly language IBM HAScript IBM Informix-4GL IBM RPG ICI Icon Id IDL Idris IMP Inform Io Ioke IPL IPTSCRAE ISLISP ISPF ISWIM J# J++ JADE Jako JAL Janus JASS Java JavaScript JCL JEAN Join Java JOSS Joule JOVIAL Joy JScript JScript .NET JavaFX Script Julia Jython Kaleidoscope Karel Karel++ KEE Kixtart KIF Kojo Kotlin KRC KRL KRL (KUKA Robot Language) KRYPTON ksh L# .NET LabVIEW Ladder Lagoona LANSA Lasso LaTeX Lava LC-3 Leda Legoscript LIL LilyPond Limbo Limnor LINC Lingo Linoleum LIS LISA Lisaac Lisp - ISO/IEC 13816 Lite-C Lithe Little b Logo Logtalk LPC LSE LSL LiveCode LiveScript Lua Lucid Lustre LYaPAS Lynx M[edit] M2001 M4 Machine code MAD (Michigan Algorithm Decoder) MAD/I Magik Magma make Maple MAPPER now part of BIS MARK-IV now VISION:BUILDER Mary MASM Microsoft Assembly x86 Mathematica MATLAB Maxima (see also Macsyma) Max (Max Msp - Graphical Programming Environment) MaxScript internal language 3D Studio Max Maya (MEL) MDL Mercury Mesa Metacard Metafont MetaL Microcode MicroScript MIIS MillScript MIMIC Mirah Miranda MIVA Script ML Moby Model 204 Modelica Modula Modula-2 Modula-3 Mohol MOO Mortran Mouse MPD MSIL - deprecated name for CIL MSL MUMPS N[edit] NASM NATURAL Napier88 Neko Nemerle nesC NESL Net.Data NetLogo NetRexx NewLISP NEWP Newspeak NewtonScript NGL Nial Nice Nickle NPL Not eXactly C (NXC) Not Quite C (NQC) NSIS Nu NWScript NXT-G O[edit] o:XML Oak Oberon Obix OBJ2 Object Lisp ObjectLOGO Object REXX Object Pascal Objective-C Objective-J Obliq Obol OCaml occam occam-π Octave OmniMark Onyx Opa Opal OpenCL OpenEdge ABL OPL OPS5 OptimJ Orc ORCA/Modula-2 Oriel Orwell Oxygene Oz P[edit] P# ParaSail (programming language) PARI/GP Pascal - ISO 7185 Pawn PCASTL PCF PEARL PeopleCode Perl PDL PHP Phrogram Pico Picolisp Pict Pike PIKT PILOT Pipelines Pizza PL-11 PL/0 PL/B PL/C PL/I - ISO 6160 PL/M PL/P PL/SQL PL360 PLANC Plankalkül Planner PLEX PLEXIL Plus POP-11 PostScript PortablE Powerhouse PowerBuilder - 4GL GUI appl. generator from Sybase PowerShell PPL Processing Processing.js Prograph PROIV Prolog PROMAL Promela PROSE modeling language PROTEL ProvideX Pro*C Pure Python Q[edit] Q (equational programming language) Q (programming language from Kx Systems) Qalb Qi QtScript QuakeC QPL R[edit] R R++ Racket RAPID Rapira Ratfiv Ratfor rc REBOL Red Redcode REFAL Reia Revolution rex REXX Rlab RobotC ROOP RPG RPL RSL RTL/2 Ruby RuneScript Rust S[edit] S S2 S3 S-Lang S-PLUS SA-C SabreTalk SAIL SALSA SAM76 SAS SASL Sather Sawzall SBL Scala Scheme Scilab Scratch Script.NET Sed Seed7 Self SenseTalk SequenceL SETL Shift Script SIMPOL Shakespeare SIGNAL SiMPLE SIMSCRIPT Simula Simulink SISAL SLIP SMALL Smalltalk Small Basic SML Snap! SNOBOL(SPITBOL) Snowball SOL Span SPARK Speedcode SPIN SP/k SPS Squeak Squirrel SR S/SL Stackless Python Starlogo Strand Stata Stateflow Subtext SuperCollider SuperTalk Swift (Apple programming language) Swift (parallel scripting language) SYMPL SyncCharts SystemVerilog T[edit] T TACL TACPOL TADS TAL Tcl Tea TECO TELCOMP TeX TEX TIE Timber TMG, compiler-compiler Tom TOM Topspeed TPU Trac TTM T-SQL TTCN Turing TUTOR TXL TypeScript Turbo C++ U[edit] Ubercode UCSD Pascal Umple Unicon Uniface UNITY Unix shell UnrealScript V[edit] Vala VBA VBScript Verilog VHDL Visual Basic Visual Basic .NET Visual DataFlex Visual DialogScript Visual Fortran Visual FoxPro Visual J++ Visual J# Visual Objects Visual Prolog VSXu Vvvv W[edit] WATFIV, WATFOR WebDNA WebQL Windows PowerShell Winbatch Wolfram Wyvern X[edit] X++ X# X10 XBL XC (exploits XMOS architecture) xHarbour XL Xojo XOTcl XPL XPL0 XQuery XSB XSLT - See XPath Xtend Y[edit] Yorick YQL Z[edit] Z notation Zeno

About Us

In today's harsh economic climate it is vital to the success of your business that you engage the services of a professional website developers, like LTE.com.pk, to design and develop your website. Website development or custom web development is a broad term used to describe a wide range of services. Web development services we offer incorporate a complete spectrum of website development styles and technologies. At LTE.com.pk we are able to cater for everything from advanced internet applications to eCommerce, Shopping Cart solutions to simple HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) projects. We provide a full range of Custom Web Development Solutions to help our clients maximize the use of Internet Technology. If you can dream it, we can build it for you. Web development refers to both the technical construction and creative design of websites. It covers visual and graphical arrangement and layout, information structure and presentation, functionality and interactivity, as well as usability and accessibility. Much broader than straight website design, web development is about the complete product and must address both the practical and aesthetic purposes of a website. At LTE.com.pk, we understand that the quality of your website can have a direct and significant effect on the success of your online business. From graphic design to copywriting, every component of website development needs to be considered and implemented with care and skill. With our team of web specialists, we can help you build an outstanding and effective website that will move your business forward. Website development involves numerous components, each of which requires skilled attention in order to generate the best overall results. LTE.com.pk web development specialists will analyze your website and business in order to create the most relevant and effective development strategy possible. For maximized SEO and ROI, professional web development is absolutely critical. Simply moving your business from off-line to online is not enough to make you a serious competitor in the Internet marketing industry. These days, professional website development is critical to the creation of a powerful and respected online reputation as well as the overall success of web or internet based businesses. Well conceived and planned websites are an integral part of every organization's communication needs. Offering an attractive, intuitive interface with a logical and easy to use navigation layout is what LTE.com.pk offers its clientele. Your website is an integral part of your image, identification and communication strategy. LTE.com.pk offers a website design with crucial blend of expertise including creative conception, brand sensitivity, technical and interactive architecture skill. For your online presence to really count, your brand needs to exude credibility, confidence and efficiency through its website. LTE.com.pk knows how to achieve this; by blending strong design and content with seamless functionality and expert support throughout our tried and tested process. At LTE.com.pk, we understand the value of high quality website development and the vital role it can play in the life of an online business. Our team of website design development specialists can help you create an outstanding website that's both user friendly and effective. At LTE.com.pk, we have got all the bases covered; so make the right move and let us help you with all your website development needs! LTE.com.pk has been developing websites as part of its Internet marketing services (Search Engine Optimization) for over 10 years. We are expert web designers and developers, but unlike straight web development firms, we also possess internet marketing expertise and a much broader understanding of online media. We understand both the technical and usage characteristics of the Internet and can take advantage of these to turn your website into an online sales vehicle and lead generation tool. You are unique and your ideas are likely worth a fortune if properly presented. You deserve to be served in a special way. If you are looking for website development services, take a minute to consult or contact our representatives and we will tell you how we can help you most effectively. Our business is founded on direct relations and effective communication with our clients. We will make you feel comfortable while your project is developed and polished to your required specifications.